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33 lofts in the heart of Barcelona

The old Poble Nou goldsmith,
where Hermes and Tiffany produced their most special pieces,
has been reinvented to hold bright and spacious lofts,
conceived to allow guests to enjoy the ‘new’ Barcelona.

E12_Salon_20 (1).jpg

Spaces conceived for the expression of personality and creativity.
A brutalist structure involving a blend of natural materials,
designed to enjoy the light and space with total freedom.
A place for savouring life.

We’ve transformed an artisan workshop,
introducing a full range of services and commodities
while retaining its unique character.

Soak up Barcelona’s skyline from our panoramic
swimming pool. Relax in the solarium.
You’re in the Mediterranean!

The central garden floods the apartments
with light and fresh air.
An oasis of tranquillity and nature,
where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

place anchor

Poble Nou’s 22@ district is the home of large technology companies and start-ups;
the best universities and fashion designers; cutting-edge museums and theatres;
parks and the beach; and the city’s coolest venues.
Poble Nou is the place to be.

A district of old industrial workshops converted into art galleries.
A neighbourhood of designers and start-ups
in Barcelona’s most cutting-edge location.



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