L'Orfebreria believes strongly in sustainability and reuses this brutalist jewel first built in 1963, converting it into lofts, gardens and terraces, enhancing its character and bringing it into the 21st century.

Soak up Barcelona's Skyline from our panoramic pool, and relax on the terrace.
You're in the Mediterranean!

In L'Orfebreria
history, rationalism and sustainability
come together.

The original building built in 1963, designed by architects G. Giráldez, P. López and J. Subias
was expanded in the 1970s with the addition of an upper floor.
In 2019, the architect Inés Rodríguez took on the refurbishment project.

The building marks the meeting point between the old agricultural Poblenou

and the edge of the Plan Cerdá urban expansion project,

endowing the building with a deeper meaning and loading it with history.

What was previously the center of an old workshop is now
a central garden which allows the various lofts to breathe.

The rationalist lobby has been brought up-to-date,
preserving the original stairway.

Carrer Sancho de Ávila 41.

Barcelona. 08018


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